Links to help you with paying or disputing your parking ticket

Nice How-to on how to prevent and fight the parking ticket! Note the advice on parking in private area vs. public could be used at Pt. Dume and elsewhere!

Great blog on how to write a contest and document it with pictures:

And what is the BEST way to deal with your parking ticket or traffic ticket for that matter?
The BEST way to deal with a parking ticket is to have it PAY FOR ITSELF! See how it was done with THIS VERY BLOG! Click here.

Fight your parking ticket with your iPhone, get $10 just for trying! Go here

Please comment if you have successfully contested or disputed your parking ticket! Tell your story!


Anonymous said...

Work with a specialized agency that deals with parking tickets

can you give me a name of the agency

annoying parking ticket said...

Hi, Anonymous, we do not endorse a particular agency here however, you will find several mentioned in the blog posts on this blog. Just take a close look.

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