Parking Tickets Los Angeles - Daily Alert For Griffith Park, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California

Surprising Parking Tickets Alert in Los Angeles Griffith Park! Traffic Tickets Galore!

If you are like me you appreciate a nice stroll in a green area, with a dense canopy of trees. You can do that in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

The park is perfect for families to do some BBQ, for folks who enjoy walking in the woods. In addition, Griffith Park is an excellent starting point for quick short hikes to Griffith Observatory that is overseeing the Hollywood, Los Feliz, Koreatown, and offers beautiful views of Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach area, South Bay and beyond.

Or, you could start a longer hike and get to some of the peaks where wonderful vistas of Burbank, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley are to die for.

So why the daily parking ticket alert for the Griffith Park?

The very best entrance to Griffith Park is from Western Avenue north, as it turns to Los Feliz Boulevard. There, make a left into Griffith Park. Entering, You will be greeted (recently) with a sign that says NO PARKING SUNSET TO SUNRISE, NEXT 2 MILES. Or something like that.

But there is more. As an occasional stroller through the park, some interesting events have taken place and I have took some pictures over the past few months.

Long time ago, everything was calm and peaceful...

Before November, 2010, the parking signs along the road through the park all said "no parking sunset to sunrise" which is kind of weird, as, how can you tell sunset? But all was okay, as, apparently, noone got any tickets anyways.

...But then, one sunny day, boom, something happened.

But then in November, 2010, something changed. A number of no parking signs along a section before the Fern Dell intersection changed to "No Parking", period. Weird. This may have something to do with the water that broke out of pipes underneath and started to eat up the pavement on the road, but who knows?

More importantly, not much later, the parking tickets started coming out of the woodwork. Here are some images from February, 2011, when the "Operation Parking Tickets Money Suck" began. And begin it did, in a big way.

So what is the damage?

I'm estimating at least 10 tickets at $65 each are delivered each night, typically sometime after sunset. We're talking at least a $650*365=$237,250 annual tax on Los Angeles nature lovers and Griffith Park visitors, probably more. And this is just an hour or less of work for the Parking Enforcement officer. And then there are more daily parking tickets at other city parks and daily annoying parking tickets at state parks! When will this nonsense end?

Here are some more images from end of March, and April 2011. The tickets keep coming. Daily. Spread the word.

Your job: spread the word.

Tell your friends and warn them about it.

As a parking alternative, it is possible to park south of Los Feliz Blvd, or drive farther up to the Griffith Observatory and park below the Observatory. This would be outside the 2 mile range.

Comment, post link on Facebook, Tweet, spread the word.

If you got the parking ticket yourself, here is what you can do: go to for help.


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