Yikes, Another Parking Ticket!!!

It just seems that parking tickets happen to me when I'm having the best of times and visiting the greatest of places ;) Last time I reported on getting a nasty parking ticket at Point Dume, near Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA. This time I was having a great time on Melrose boulevard, near Hollywood/LaBrea area. I was at Cafe Stir Crazy. That cafe is frequented by locals, actors, producers, and movie people in general. It has a nice "living room" atmosphere. Or as they say, it is a "living room of your hipper friend". I had one of their great sandwiches. Also took advantage of unlimited (almost) refills on coffee. Anyhow, spent 'bout four hours there and, lo and behold, a nice parking ticket was waiting for me at my car that I parked in one of the side streets off Melrose. I take 100% blame for this on myself. I admit of not looking at the parking sign. I guess because it was a Saturday, it was a nice quiet neighborhood.....

Anyways, I did a little research and I realized that the parking rules change 4-5 times along Melrose between K-Town and Fairfax. This is Amazing... more money into city's pockets... Who knows where this money is going to?? Apparently not to upkeep the parking signs! I took some pictures to document the changes of parking rules -- anywhere from a simple parking allowed all the time in K-town to highly restrictive parking in the Hancock Park/La Brea/Fairfax area. See for yourself.

Luckily, this time I know this $53 parking ticket will pay for itself in about 6 months, based on this article: How to have your parking ticket pay for itself. Got a parking ticket? It only takes a few hours and your parking ticket will pay for itself!

Photos of parking signs along Melrose:

This is one of the more restrictive parking signs. How long does it take it to locate and read it? What a waste of time!

The parking sign below is a very simple and non-restrictive parking sign in K-TOWN, just a mile and a half away! The parking rules change several times and significantly between K-Town and Fairfax!


mentormatt8 said...

Paying my ticket, I encountered this message at www.lacity-parking.org:

The Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) has established this website to provide residents and visitors of Los Angeles with current, easy-to-understand information concerning the PVB and Preferential Parking Districts.

PLEASE NOTE: On August 31, 2008, the California State Senate passed SB 1407 which increases the parking penalty amount deposited from parking fines to the State�s Immediate and Critical Needs Account for court construction projects, from $1.50 to $4.50 effective January 1, 2009. As a result of this legislation, the City has increased the parking penalty amounts by $3.00 effective January 15, 2009.

NICE! So My parking ticket now helps establish more government, and more courts?!

mentormatt8 said...

Also, if you try to pay by credit card at www.lacity-parking.org, they charge you additional $2 for "processing"??? Sweet...how about just send them the check, that processing is free! Arrrgh!

david barron said...

As an LA Code Enforcement inspector of multi-family apartments, I sometimes get parking tickets, for parking on 'Street Sweeping' days and ticketed for parking in alley's, while I'm trying to stay on time for my scheduled appointments. Yet commercial delivery, and cable trucks don't seem to get ticketed. Otherwise Sometimes I only find parking 2 or 3 blocks away.

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