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[Update 6/2/2010: Unfortunately the site is down and I can not recommend that particular site any more. If you have any suggestions for a similar site after reading this, do leave a comment!]

What is so great about in connection with parking tickets? Simple: is a great website where everyone can post ads/links to their favorite websites. Pyrabang members invest in posts they found interesting and intriguing. So I found that a number of pyrabang members support links to this blog and bring traffic to my blog here.

I have an idea why pyrabang members like to support this blog: leaders and members happen to be very concerned about personal freedoms and many of them see parking tickets, especially unnecessary parking ticket a violation of personal freedoms. They are very passionate about it and will support linking to this blog.

If you are interested in starting a blog like that about a parking ticket you have just gotten, feel free to sign up for a free membership at Use code mentormatt8 so I will know when you post a link). I will personally invest in traffic to your blog. Chances are there will be others interested in investing as well. And, as a gold member, you can invest too.

Like challenges? Then this one is for you. For an idea how this blog came about and how you can have your parking ticket pay for itself, go here:


Mentor Matt said...

I wonder if this could work for promotion of other businesses? If anyone has experience promoting through, let me know!

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