Best Way to Contest Parking Ticket

Before I give you best ways how to contest your parking ticket, here is by far the very best way to deal with it:
The BEST way to deal with a parking ticket is to have it PAY FOR ITSELF AND THEN SOME! See how it was done with THIS VERY BLOG! SUPER EASY!

You see? Okay there are other ways too:

Nice How-to on how to prevent and contest and fight the parking ticket! Note the advice on parking in private area vs. public could be used at Pt. Dume and elsewhere!

Student fights parking ticket based on 1st Amendment! Way to go! Applies at Pt. Dume too!

Great blog on how to write a contest and document it with pictures:

Contest and fight your parking ticket with your iPhone, get $10 just for trying! Go here

Please comment if you feel you have a chance in contesting your parking ticket! Tell your story!


Dontae said...

This is a parking ticket judge's blog:

Reading that definitely helped me learn a parking ticket judge's way of thinking when deciding parking ticket cases.

Apparently he (or she?) also answers questions about parking tickets free of charge.

Mentor Matt said...

Thanks, Dontae, for a very useful link! Keep contributing! Matt

picas.line said...

do you have expand your widget before edit the template..??

Sorry after a long time..

Mentor Matt said...

Hi, picas.line. I think you need to go to the dofollowcool blog for this info. That is if you are asking how to turn your blog into dofollow

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I need your help/advise urgently.

I recieved a Notice To Owner in the post. Please advise me on how to appeal.

I was trying to pull into a driveway but there was a car in front of the driveway about to pull out. I pulled up in front of the car and waited for a minute for him to leave, I then reversed into the driveway. During my minutes wait a CCTV camera 'caught me in the act of waiting', hence the Notice To Owner.

Please advise me the best way to appeal this penalty.
Pictures and video footage of the offence are available, please have a look at these on
Penalty Charge Notice No.: LH42010956
Validation Reference: 2688149
VRN : S844 CDP

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Matt!Dispute Ticket -- or have it pay for itself said...

Anonymous, These are links to the best ways to handle this ticket: Best links to advice on how to handle, pay, dispute your ticket Good luck. Bookmark this page above and come back and let me know which way you picked!

Kuldip Vyas said...
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Anonymous said...

What does a 'tow away zone in transit stop' violation mean? I got this parking ticket and a location I never been to and as per citation the car make is 'Ford', mine is a 'Honda' and it says tag expires on '04/13' whereas mine expires on '03/12'. So this one definitely not my ticket seems like some typo error. What I can do in this situation ?

Disclosure said...

Anon, yours is an easy situation. Just dispute your ticket. In court, if needed. Make sure that you document (i.e., bring copies) of everything you have mentioned in your question above, about parking ticket, car registration, etc.

If still in doubt, get a lawyer (here are some tips to be sure to get your ticket dismissed with 100% chance of success.

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